Microsoft unveils Xbox One X


Microsoft has announced the latest games console in its line-up, a more powerful version of the Xbox One called the Xbox One X.

Microsoft Xbox one X

The Xbox One X which is the smallest Xbox yet and runs games at 60 frames-per-second (fps) was labeled “the most powerful console ever made” on stage by Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. It has the ability to run games in 4K ultra-HD Blu-ray discs and will cost roughly $499 or £449 in the UK.

As of now, the Xbox One X, will be available in black colour only, but we do think more colours and limited editions of the console will be made available as time goes on.
The Xbox One X’s name which raised a few eyebrows, with some gamers describing it as a “tongue-twister” online, joins the Xbox One S – a slimmer version of the Xbox One that supports 4K video streaming – in the roster of consoles that make up Microsoft’s latest console generation.

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Sony, too, has a console with 4K capabilities – the PS4 Pro – which it released in November last year. However, the PS4 Pro’s specifications – including memory and processor speed – are lower than those of the Xbox One X.

The console which is compatible with all existing Xbox One games also boasts 12 gigabytes of RAM and 6 teraflops of graphics processing power.
When Xbox One X was announced – then codenamed Project Scorpio – it seemed Microsoft was gearing up to tackle the biggest new area in gaming, virtual reality. That’s why it needed the extra power.

According to an analyst, Microsoft is keen to keep attracting hardcore gamers as the Xbox one X is set to be released on 7 November 2017.

Would you love to grab this console no matter the price, once it hit this part of the world?


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