Moroccan Prison claims 195 Nigerians For Drugs

Nigerians in Moroccan prisons for drug crimes
Moroccan Prison/ Photo credit:

There are 195 Nigerians in prisons in Morocco for drug related crimes, Baba Garba, the Nigerian Ambassador to Morocco, has said.

He spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria.

Nigeria and Morocco do not have a prisoner transfer agreement.

“We have the menace of Nigerians that come from Latin America, transiting Morocco, that are carriers of drugs.

“We have a number of them in prisons purely for drugs; I send the figures officially to government, there are 195 of them in prisons.

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“We have a bi-national commission and we are proposing end of June or the first week of July because of the Ramadan.

“It is at this forum we will talk to our Moroccan counterparts about a prisoner transfer agreement but at this point we do not have such agreement.”

The envoy, however, said there were excellent relations both countries adding that the outcome of the visit of the Moroccan king to Nigeria in 2016 had boost bilateral relations.

“Since 2017 up on till now, we have not had farmers complain about shortage of fertilizer in Nigeria; this is one of the gains.

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“We have had many agreements signed with Morocco in different sectors and we are pursuing them.

“We have had agreements signed in transport, climate change, lagoon and river control,” he said.

He also added that an average of 50 students from Nigeria were being offered scholarships by the Moroccan Government.

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“Some students are trained in Qur’anic recitation and trained to be Imams; here the king is a leader of the faith and every mosque here is well documented and there are checks and balances.

“If we have such systems imported in our country it will checkmate certain things,” he said.

He further said no less than 3000 Nigerians live in Morocco. (NAN)

Adapted from Premium Times.


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