MPs Launch Bid That Allows Overseas Residents Join British Army

MPs Launch Bid That Allows Overseas Residents Join British Army
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United Kingdom Labour Party Members of Parliament (MPs) have launched a bid to allow residents of overseas Territories, the right to automatically join the British Army like other British passport holders are entitled to.

Two of the MPs, Luke Pollard and Conservative MP Andrew Bowie said there is need to change the existing policy, which states that qualified citizens must have lived in the UK for at least 5 years, before for they can apply to join. The duo said it was an error that needs to be corrected.

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According to them; “At a time when recruitment is difficult we are missing a trick and that is why, together, we have launched a cross-party campaign to remove these residency requirements for citizens of the Overseas Territories.

“We believe it is now time to correct that error and allow British subjects living in British Overseas Territories to join the British armed forces as any British passport holder in the UK can.

“Given the historic contribution of our Overseas Territories to our nation, removing these residency requirements for citizens of the Overseas Territories would be one further step in underlining our strong and lasting relationship with them.”

According to, the call to change the rules came after Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson blasted the slow recruitment process for new troops.

Williamson declared that it was ‘unacceptable’ that applications take an average of 300 days to be completed while the regular army stands some 4,000 soldiers short of its target strength – Politicshome news.

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Before now, report has it that, Labour Party frontbencher Clive Lewis called a meeting to stop people publishing embarrassing stories about his party.

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