Nigeria Does Not Deserve More Blessings- Apostle Alile

Nigeria Does Not Deserve More Blessing- Apostle Alile
Apostle Hayford Ikponmwonsa Alile/photo credit:

Apostle Hayford Ikponmwonsa Alile, Spiritual leader of St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God has said that Nigeria does not deserve more blessing from God as its leaders have accomplished less with the much resources the nation is already blessed with.

The cleric went further to say that if he were God, he would not see it necessary to give Nigeria anymore blessings.

Speaking with Vanguard, he said that he believed that the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari needs to do more, although, they have tried in the area of exposing corruption of past administration.

He said, “I believe they are trying. They inherited a very serious matter. A lot of corruption has been revealed under that man, a lot have not been dealt with seriously, and more and more are still hidden.

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“If I were God, there’s no need giving these people more because what I’ve given to them, they have not been able to spread it out to the people they are supervising.

“Until they are able to cleanse the environment, why should I go and continue to endow them? This is the problem we are having.

“And I pray that since you and I voted for them, we should go on our knees and continue to ask God to empower them to remember that they pledged to do certain things for us when we put them in power.

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“The Lord opened their eyes and they found where corruption and dirtiness are and they have not been able to muster the energies to wash clean those dirtiness.

“The ones that are covered up, they have not revealed them because revelations of badness are not being dealt with. And until those are dealt with, if I were God, I will not pump into that environment that is enjoying corruption. I will not give them more prosperity,” He said.

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