‘Nigeria Now The Face Of Poverty’ Following CNN Latest Ranking- Yemi Alade

'Nigeria Now The Face Of Poverty' Following CNN Latest Ranking- Yemi Alade - Surge Zirc
Nigerian Singer Yemi Alade/Photo credit: Instagram

Another Nigerian female singer Yemi Alade laments on the country’s deteriorating condition following CNN’s latest ranking, which reveals that Nigeria just overtook India as the country with the largest number of people living in extreme poverty.

Yemi Alade – ”Back To The Matter!
So it Turns out that Nigeria has finally won first position in SOMETHING!

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”Just the other day, I randomly said that I couldn’t help but notice how it seems poor people are getting poorer. People are not looking well at all! Things are not looking better, There is so much suffering and bitterness in the world and Nigeria is now the FACE OF POVERTY.

”The business that are thriving now are the ones we used to look down on; Professional Makeup Artists, Photographers, Wig Makers, Tailors etc.

”We are literally empowering each other! Our economy isn’t getting better because the government isn’t investing in HUMAN RESOURCES; THE PEOPLE. Money is in circulation but only at the top! The Economy can never be balanced! Invest in your People Nigeria! Empower worthy youths with loans.

”Make Water, electricity, Transport and security available for the poor and EVERYTHING WILL TURN AROUND QUICKER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE! My prayer is for God to Hand pick a worthy leader for us come 2019! He did it for Israel when they cried for a King, Please do it for Us.

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”But then again, What do I Know?

”I have faith in Nigeria. We have turned nothing to something. Imagine if we had EVERYTHING!! …WE COULD MAKE ANYTHING!”

The Super Eagles loss yesterday against Argentina has also been blamed on the impunity that is going on in the country without any practical action by the government of the day to to control it. More celebrities are getting involved in the go-get-your-PVC campaign which they believe is a better tool that will enable them unseat the wrong people in government. Yet, they all still believe in the future of Nigeria only if the leaders of today are removed.

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