Nigerian Parents Gives Their Children ‘Mini Prayers’ Or Prophecies As Names Banky W

Nigerian Parents Gives Their Children 'Mini Prayers' or Prophecies As Names Banky W -
Banky W/ Photo credit: Instagram

This is why Banky Wellington made the exertion that Nigerian parents gives mini prayers or prophecies as names to their children. Funny, right? Just read down and feel his thought. Meanwhile, you may tell us what you think about what he said under this post; below.

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”What’s in a name? One of my favourite aspects of Nigerian culture is the weight that certain tribes give to the naming of their children. Naija parents don’t just settle for names that sound good. We actually give our kids “mini prayers” or “prophesies” as names.

”See, my father’s name is “Bankole”, and it would have been customary for me to inherit the same exact name as him… except that “Bankole” means “help me build my house”; and so when naming me, my parents intentionally added“Olu” which is the Yoruba word for “God”, making my name “Olubankole” or “GOD help me build my house”, so that the prayer would transfer the responsibility for help to God , as opposed to leaving it open ended for just anyone/circumstances/fate. That’s why I either prefer to be called “Banky” or “Olubankole”, never “Bankole”. Because it’s God that helps me.

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”I grew up holding on to my name as a prayer point, because I believe in the power of positive confession, and in my mind, owning a home was the surest sign that I had truly become successful. So, just the act of saying my name, was me LITERALLY saying that God HAD to help me build my house.

”Home ownership became an obsession; and to all the young folks out there hustling to secure the bag and progress in the world, I recommend that you do the same. I understand the desire to stunt a little bit, but before you buy that fancy luxury car and cop watches and chains… before you hit the strip club and make it rain… before you take the “money phone” picture and pop bottles of champagne… do your absolute best to own the house you live in. Then try and own one more as an investment. Your future kids will thank you.

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