Top Nigerian DJ, Jimmy Jatt Refutes PMB Assertion; ‘Nigerian Youths Are Lazy’

Top Nigerian DJ, Jimmy Jatt Refutes PMB Assertion; 'Nigerian Youths Are Lazy' -
Nigerian A-list DJ Jimmy Jatt/ Photo credit: Instagram

More protest coming up from Nigerian youths. Nigerian A-list DJ, DJ Jimmy Jatt said he is not lazy, considering the fact that he has pursued some set goals and achieve them.

DJ Jimmy Jatt also shared photos of one of the current Big Brother Naija house mates Tobi showing him as an investment banker, a professional photographer, a model, an MC and as an artist. Wow! That’s a whole lot of talent. Now, could such a young man be lazy? I really don’t think so.

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Maybe the president of Nigerian doesn’t really know much about the youths he governs and that’s unbelievable.

Dear president, with the facts on ground so far and following the credible compilation of successes as made and presented so far by most young Nigerians, we suggest the issue of ‘Nigerian youths are lazy‘ be promptly revisited with a view to making a more impressive broadcast to quench the blaze. …just a suggestion, Lol!

Top Nigerian DJ, Jimmy Jatt Refutes PMB Assertion; 'Nigerian Youths Are Lazy' -
Tobi of 2018 BBN housemate/ Photo credit: DJ Jimmy Jatt

That was an abstract.

Alright, DJ Jimmy Jatt and Tobi are not among the lazy Nigerians as declared by PMB earlier this week, we got that. As usual we brought you the message exactly as it was published by DJ Jmmy Jatt…

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”Like many of these “Young Nigerians”, I have pursued a number of things at the same time because I believe that within me lies the power to achieve great things and be unbound. I do these regardless of the lack of adequate empowerment and infrastructure.
My various endeavours haven’t come from a place of confusion or failure but from discovering my truest potential. I am a “Young Nigerian” … I am a Dreamer … I am a Doer ….I am not Lazy.”

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