Nollywood Actor Alex Ekubo True Personality Reveals

Nollywood Actor Alex Ekubo True Personality Reveals Surge Zirc
Nollywood Actor, Alex Ekubo/photo credit: instagram

Alex Ekubo would rather not have people beating around opinions searching for where he came from anymore and so he took to social media to reveal his true personality.

The Nollywood fine boy whose origin is not uncovered to most of his numerous fans from around the world, finally bridged the flow of inquisitiveness as to where in the name of heaven he is from.

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As revealed Alex Ekubo is not an half-caste neither is he from anywhere outside Nigeria. He is very much IGBO, from Eastern Nigeria.

Precisely he hails from Ujari, Arochukwu in Abia State, Nigeria.

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alexxekubo “People confuse where I’m from a lot, some say I’m African American, many think I’m English, some think I’m from Calabar, some people even think I’m white as in full Oyibo, lol. Well just so there is no confusion, I’m IGBO!! I’m from Ujari, AROCHUKWU, (L.G.A) ABIA State.”

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