Nollywood Special Effect Artist Produces Actors Dummy Heads On Location

Nollywood Special Effect Artist Produces Actors Dummy Heads On Location - Surge Zirc
Movie actors dummy head produced by Chukwuma Odoh/Photo credit: Jrn Pop

A Nollywood special effect artist and probably a sculptor Jude Chukwuma Odoh from Nsukka has created dummy heads of actors on a movie set of Angelic Touch Productions. The dummy heads includes that of known actor Sylvester Nmadu and two other up raising actors.

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The creator of the heads who is now working full time with Nollywood movie makers is now ready to make major input to the growth of Nollywood by rendering professional effects. Jude Chukwuma who’s also ready to creatively produce a dummy human of any actor on set hence a movie script so demand is set to work with creative Nollywood movie makers that would complement his work.

We welcome this creativity to Nollywood and henceforth expects movies that can portray real life event with a well finished effects, not doing effects haphazardly, thereby giving Nigerian comedians more reasons to make jest of Nollywood movies on stage.

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And we pray some sense fall on quark movie producers in Nigeria so they will realize that the international communities are seeing the jokes they are putting up in the name of movies. And then the A-list producers in Nigerian, I mean those who produce meaningful movies…the class of movies that are accepted in the cinemas deserves some accolades.

As for Jude Chukwuma Odoh, Nigerians owe you some recognition for this uncommon creative sense. Just keep up the good work and pretty soon the searchlight of fame will be directed to you and you will smile like never before.

Finally, we like to know when the movie is out so we can put it up for the world to see.

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