Nollywood Superstar Sam Dede To Run For Senator Of The Federal Republic In 2019

Nollywood Superstar Sam Dede To Run For Senator Of The Federal Republic In 2019
Nollywood actor Sam Dede/ photo credit: Instagram

One of the Nollywood’s best actors, Sam Dede might be making a major appearance in the forth coming election in 2019.

The actor who rarely gets involved in political issues in the country has recently shown interest in running for minister or senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The famous actor Sam Dede made his intention known on his personal social media account where he placed it as an option for his fans to suggest which amongst the two option should be adopted.

And then the exact post from Sam Dede was grabbed:

“Make a choice: Honourable Minister or Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?”

Reactions from fans shows that going for Honourable Senator of the Federal Republic would be the best bid.

I still reserve a place to ask, Could this be true or just a rib cracking piece?

Whether true or not, I’m sure Sam Dede has a right standing in Nigeria and is not less than any of the running distinguished Senators.

Funny! Funny!! Funny!!! One of Sam Dede’s fans said:

Lafrek– “None of the above sir. You did a great job as Governor of Obubra State(last vote), I think you will do even better, if you become one, off camera.”

I almost got lost after reading that, but she was suggesting that Sam Dede go for Governor as he did well in a governorship role in a movie titled: “Last vote.”

Hilarious! Just know that movie characters are different from real life scenarios.

Finally, we hope to see more of Sam Dede, see you bro. and God bless your vision… Surge Zirc gossiper say so!


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