Governor Nyesom Wike urges Federal Government to embrace good Governance

In as much as you continue to have bad governance, people will continue to agitate across the country.
Governor Nyesom Wike
Governor Nyesom Wike/ Photo credit: wethepeopleofrivers
Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state has advised the Federal Government of Nigeria to embrace good governance to halt the issue of agitations in the country.
During the 57th Independence Church Service at Saint Mark’s Anglican Church in Port Harcourt yesterday, September 24, Nyesom Wike, however says the People of Rivers state believe in Unity of Nigeria, despite the agitations and challenges the Country is going through.
Governor Wike says Rivers state is not in support of splitting Nigeria, which other ethnic groups agitate for.
He said: “God has blessed this country; we are not part of those who want to secede. Rivers State will never be part of that.
In as much as you continue to have bad governance, people will continue to agitate across the country. We give God the glory that we are still one, despite the agitations and challenges.”

Wike also emphasized on the activities of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Rivers state.

The Governor had earlier accused the Anti-Robbery Squad in Rivers state of being responsible for the kidnapping and armed robbery incidents across the state.

Like he said; “Most of the kidnappings and armed robbery taking place in this state are done by men of SARS.  They use exhibit vehicles to operate. As the Chief Security Officer of the state, you complain, but they choose to play politics with crime.
They fight crime in some state, but they refuse to fight crime in Rivers State.  We are done with the elections, but they are using SARS to create insecurity in the state. As I speak with you, they will deny.
I have never seen a country where they politicize crime. It is very obvious that they want to give the impression that Rivers State is unsafe. They want to instill fear preparatory to declaring during the elections that there are so many killings.”

Wike urged Nigerians to always speak out against injustice.

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