Oh No! President Zuma Faces More Pressure from ANC To Quit Office

President Zuma Faces More Pressure from ANC To Quit Office
President Jacob Zuma/ Photo credit: Bloemfonteincourant.co.za

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, will continue to face more protest from the ruling Political Party, African National Congress (ANC), as He remains adamant to the party’s call to step down for the new leader.

Zuma was replaced as leader of ANC by his Deputy Cyril Ramaphosa in December, 2017. The development shows that Ramaphosa would become the Party’s Presidential candidate in 2019.

ANC had also stated that the Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has the power to push the President aside, if he refuses to resign.

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ANC persuaded the President to resign for the party to remain at the top, following numerous corruption allegations laid against him.

Ramphosa said on Wednesday that he and Zuma had been holding direct talks on a transfer of power.

According to report, Zuma had asked the party to allow him complete his Tenure, which would end next year.

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Recall that in a similar event in Zimbabwe, former President Robert Mugabe, who refused to freely resign as President, was earlier replaced by his deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is currently the President. Is it possible that history would repeat itself here?

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