Oops! Nigerian Cross-dresser Bobrisky May Activate Judgement…

Oops! Nigerian Cross-dresser Bobrisky May Activate Judgement...
Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky/ Photo credit: Instagram

Nigerian legendary cross-dresser Bobrisky is one Nigerian celebrity whose stardom is a mystical put together of some questionable forces. The iconic beauty symbol who made it to the top via dressing like a woman has giving his game a touch of class.

Bobrisky today 13th June took to Instagram to flash a glamorous picture of himself or herself…which one would be more appropriate, Lol! I really don’t know how to address Bobrisky.

Whatever, he flashed up a beautiful picture of him in a woman’s appearance on social media hence looking more ‘tush’ than most real female celebrities. And then he says: ”I can’t kill myself, let me enjoy myself bikonu” Wow! For Bobrisky he’s flying high and he’s got everything nice.

Bobrisky today is one of the most talked about celebrities in Nigeria. His consistent appearance with talented movie and music celebrities in public places has blown him into the sphere of fame and influence.

Come-to-think-of-it, every celebrity has got fans and followers who see them as role models. Most times they attempt keeping a lifestyle that Makes them want to look like their celebs. The big time question is…Does Bobrisky have fans and followers? If yes, do they wish to be like him? Lol! And if yes…How?

Alright, Bobrisky I’m sure you wished you are a woman and so you took a proactive step to showing us what the version of your womanhood would have been like. Personally, I love the fact that you created a niche for yourself and today you’re relevant.

But then make sure your watch is close to you so you keep checking the time to know when God will come…because I do not know what you will say to Him.

For me be careful , judgement day draws near. Surge Zirc Gossiper say so!

Surge It



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