Oops! Reno Omokri Calls For Supporters To Help Unseat Buhari

Oops! Reno Omokri Calls For Supporters To Help Unseat Buhari - Surge.ng
Reno Omokri/ Photo credit: Instagram

Incumbent power may not favour the current political powers at the center come 2019 election.

Reno Omokri has in countless post on social media express dissatisfaction over President Buhari’s method of leadership. The preacher, author and former GEJ’s aid this time declared his intention to go extra length both legally, humanly ans democratically in ensuring that the current president quits Aso Rock and return to Daura.

This’s not a good news for PMB, who’s yet to formally and publicly declare his intentions for the 2019 election.

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In a direct message published on his Instagram page, Reno calls for daring volunteers who would be bold enough to help pack President Buhari’s ‘load’ out of Aso Rock.

”Looking ahead to 2019. By the grace of God, I intend to do everything legally and humanly possible to democratically unseat the old Stone Age tyrant in Aso Rock, so help me God! I am in need of volunteers who can help Buhari pack his load back to Daura. Any volunteers?”

You’ll be amazed at the reactions made available by Nigerians online:

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buxxyy says ”As much as a lot of people want this to happen, am afraid it may not be feasible. The opposition still has a lot of lapses. Buharis propaganda machine is still deceiving majority especially in the North. His agents go to mosques and churches in the North to preach anti-PDP sentimentality, particularly saying how all PDP people have looted and thus effectively setting the local people that majority have no access to internet or print media against PDP.

”He has collided with INEC! In kano underaged people are given PVCs, and they have so many voting registration centers, whereas a state like IMO has only one INEC center in the whole state! This will discourage and inconvenience potential opposition voters from getting PVCs due to the hardship of transportation and logistics involved plus huge waiting hours or days. While in the north it’s very easy!

”They have started rigging so to speak. And Igbo/South south voters rarely turn out in mass to vote, while in the North it is a different case. Coupled with the harassment of opposition figures I doubt anybody can unseat Buhari. It will take a miracle. Buhari is no Jonathan! He is ruthless”

asa_chukwuabiama says ”@buxxyy you are really ahead of time. I’m glad you stated it the way it is. Imo, Abia, anambra Enugu, Ebonyi state are not interested in the pvc/voting. Hence the north had already rigged the election. All we respectfully seek from govt is referendum. The country is already divided. No amount of prayers/election can bring things back. The center can never hold again. Good luck in your ideas.”

luda632 says ”You’re on point sir @renoomokri but the issue here is that the system ain’t helping at all, inec has made it impossible and very stressful and cumbersome for people in terms of pvc cards collection in the south south, people waste man hours daily up to no avail”

Let’s seat back and watch event as they unfold.




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