Ouch! Didn’t Know Charging Phones Overnight Is So Wrong

Ouch! Didn't Know Charging Phones Overnight Is So Wrong - Surge.ng
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Kent recall that he usually scroll through his phone most nights and finally plug it to a wall socket to charge overnight before finally sleeping. If you’re like Kent your phone won’t lat the entire day and you’re killing your phone battery by plugging it to charge over night. 

Tech professionals says charging your phone overnight reduces the phone’s long term battery capacity very much faster than it would if you only charge your phone for a couple of hours everyday.

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Charging your phone overnight while you sleep will amount in the phone being on charger for three-to-four (3-4) months a year. Manufacturers have proven that nothing can be done to save a battery that is charged overnight from loosing its capacity to stay longer.

Manufacturers says you can’t overcharge your phone. The phone is built with the ability to shut down immediately the phone is charged to 100%. Smart phones are built with a unique feature that prevents the battery from taking in more charge once the battery if fully charged. Good quality chargers also have protection chips that prevent the charger from releasing more power than what’s needed.

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However, what is killing your battery is the “trickle charge.” What happens during an overnight charge is your charger turns off when your phone reaches 100%, but the charger tops off the charge during the night–this is called the “trickle charge.” So overnight, your phone is constantly switching between 100 percent, a little less, and the “trickle charge.”

While you won’t see the battery damage immediately, you will see the effects of overnight charging in about two to three years. If you get a new phone every couple of years, great–but if not, a failing battery can be a real pain.

So what do these experts recommend?

  • Don’t wait until your phone gets to a 0% battery charge until you plug to recharge it.
  • Immediately your phone gets down to 35% or 40% plug it into a charger since full charges wear out your battery faster
  • Make sure your phone is cool while its charging because heat damages you phone. So remove it from the case while it charges and don’t put it under your pillow.
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