Owo Soup: The ‘Urhobo’s’ Delicacy That Can Make You Salivate!

Owo Soup: The 'Urhobo's' Delicacy That Can Make You Salivate!
Owo Soup: The ‘Urhobo’s’ Delicacy That Can Make You Salivate!/ Photo Crediit: fabwoman

 Africa is known to have authentic foods which ‘Owo soup’;  popularly known as, yellow: yellow is one of them because the edible starch that is eaten with it is added palm oil after the preparation.

It is a native soup for the Urhobo’s and you are sure to enjoy and would ask for more servings! Truly Africa is rich in various types of food you can think of which God naturally blessed us with. Africans have always given serious attention to what they eat. They select the kind of cuisine they want to be served.

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All African societies are stuffed with a long list of original and adapted cuisines that reflect their historic interactions and cultures. They are one and acts in common as well.

Owo is made with a mix of blended tomatoes & pepper and best enjoyed with boiled yam or unripe plantain.


-Goat or assorted meat

-Palm Oil

-Potash [very important, helps to thicken the soup]


-Habanero pepper – [ata rodo]

-Smoked Fish [it gives the soup a special native taste]

-Knorr cub

-Then,Salt to taste

Below is the preparation procedures, though people prepares food in different ways; 

-Get the quantity of meat you want, boil and season with knorr cube. Cook to soften and allow for some stock.

-Blend or mortar your pepper, tomatoes ans crayfish

-Then, add your blended tomatoes and pepper.

-Add crayfish and smoked fish.

-After which you must have brought the contents of the pot together, allow for gentle simmer.

-Get a small bowl and dissolve potash about a 1/3 size

-Also add Knorr cube and bring to the boil.

-Allow boiling properly, though the presence of the tomatoes, won’t allow for much bubble

-After allowing boiling, you will notice that the addition of the potash has caused the prior watery stock to thicken a little. [That’s it’s job]

-Take the pot off fire and allow cooling down a little.

-Stir in Palm oil into the pot, you will notice the soup’s getting thickened with the colour changing to a pale shade of yellowish orange, [Which means, you’re on the right track].

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-Serve with green plantain (boiled or grilled), boiled yam or edible starch.


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