Parents: How To Get Your Kids Eat Fruits And Veggies

Parents: How To Get Your Kids Eat Fruits And Veggies
Parents: How To Get Your Kids Eat Fruits And Veggies/Photo Credit? closeronline

The problem of parents getting their kids eat fruits and veggies has been a disturbing one. Kids see it as forcing them to do what they really don’t want.

From research carried out it was discovered that about three quarters of parents admitted they struggled to feed their youngsters fruit and vegetables, with one in 10 stating fresh food goes off before they have a chance to eat it.

In addition, 28% of children avoid their veggies simply because they don’t like the taste. What the parents resorted to is tricking the kids into eating the diet. How they achieve this is by hiding the veggies or fruits in other foods or going extra miles by bribing them.

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Most parents don’t force their kids at all instead, they take time to explain the importance and health benefits of  the diets; and their good advice oftentimes yields results. Most times schools plays vital roles by helping out- School minders convince the kids in their own ways

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Though some parents have tried their best possible but none seems to be working out therefore, they relented while some confessed to exaggerating their veggie feeding endeavours to keep up appearances.

What about you? do your kids eat their greens, or have you given up too?


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