Pleasurable Taboo (Entangled Contd.) – Part One (1)

“I’m going to miss you greatly when you eventually leave for Port Harcourt tomorrow. I just wish you could stay a little longer or best still, stay with me forever. I love you Jae” said Jed in a teary and somewhat broken tone. With this, a tear escaped Jae’s eye as she raised her face and looked deep into his ever-assuring eyes.

He motioned for the couch and they moved in that direction. There was a killer-silence between the duo that can only leave one wondering what the matter was. Oh yes! It was all about Jae’s short-lived stay with Jed that was about to come to a disheartening end.

“Can you not spend another day with me? I really am going to miss you so much and I fear I may not be fine at heart. Can you not tell him something came up and you can no longer make it back home in the morning? Asked Jed, in a very low tone.

“Baby you know I’d gladly stay with you all day, every day if I could. I have exhausted all I can tell him and none is working, I’ll be back for you I promise. Nothing can tear us apart, not him, not anyone else. I love you so much.” Came her response in an evenly lowered tone and countenance.

Another streak of silence ensued between the lovebirds with flashes of crestfallen faces and stolen glances from both ends. The silence was aptly broken again with the sound of mashing lips in a light kiss. Muah, muah, muah, muah went the sound of their busy lips.

Jed could not contain the overwhelming stream of emotions that ran through his body as his lips were locked in a fierce confrontation from Jae’s lips and so he groaned softly as though he was trying to hold back the sensations from getting a stronghold on him in the manner it did.

“Oh my love, please kiss me. I need it to feel good right now. I need to just be lost with you in the moment and forget about the world.” Jae talk-moaned.
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He savoured on her lips and parted her them, making way for his tongue to gain an entrance into her mouth. With that, he slid his tongue into her mouth and brushed through her tongue and gums. She moaned into his mouth and could barely catch her breath.

He pulled back, she could feel him, all of him. His hands moved to her waist as he rounded her hips and tugged her closer to himself. She felt his bulge from his underwear and her pussy contracted and the passion and deep craving for him licked her insides.

In the twinkling of an eye, he lifted her onto his waist and allowed her straddle him as he led her into the bedroom with his hands cupping her firm but soft round ass. He made an entrance into the room and headed for the bed when she motioned for the bathroom and he led her in still kissing her and trying to unhook her bra.

“How am I expected to live without you in my Life?” muttered Jed who was already lost in the feel of the moment. He paused and pinned her to the bathroom wall as his hand made its way to her right breast. The warm feel of it hit him hard and he squeezed on it. He nibbled on her already hard nipple while he kissed her still.

She could barely stand when she felt the warmth of his mouth on her nipple, she let loose and moaned rhythmically in tune with the flow of his tongue as he licked around her nipple. His hand moved downhill to her honeypot as he maintained a steady pace on her breast.

She could barely hold herself this time, she pressed her fingers hard on his back like she wanted to pierce through his skin gently with her nails as she fell back on the wall in total surrender to his touch, control and ownership of her body. In another flash, she was seated on the edge of the bathtub and her butt was properly fitted into it like she was on a normal seat.

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Legs widely spread apart, he dipped his head in between her legs and tasted her. She was all slimy from her wetness and she tasted really nice so he went deeper into her, tongue-fucking her, licking and ravishing all around her wet cunt.

“Ooohhh yeeaahh, you’re so good at this. Gosh! You have me baby, take it all. Arrrgghhhh, oh damn, you’re driving me crazy Jed. I love you so much” cried Jae.

With that he increased his pace and licked around her clit faster. Oh no! She’s going to have an orgasm! She’s going to explode on me, how sweet! She clenched from her insides as the pressure welled up in her. she struggled to breathe and hold herself in one piece as she climaxed. “Shit! I’m gonna explode, oh my! fuuucccck!”

She was just rounding up with her cum when she felt Jed slid into her, “oh no! Not again, I’m losing it” cried Jae in ecstasy. The tears flowed freely as she could no longer keep them in. she cried with each thrust. He maintained a normal pace; not so fast and not slow.

He flipped her and raised her ass a little, exposing her cunt to him from the back in a doggy style. He kept thrusting her until she welled up again inside of her. She was going to squirt this time. “jeeeeddddd I can’t hold this anymore, I’m cumming again. Gosh! Hit me harder baby, harder…”

In a swift turn, they were both standing with one of her leg raised and placed on the lid of the toilet seat. He made his way in and out of her as he groped her breast from behind. He kissed her back countless time as he adored her body whilst thrusting her deeper and harder as he prepared for his own climax.

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She demanded for a release inside of her, she kept moving to meet up with his pace from the back. It didn’t take long till he was groaning louder, his grip on her body firmer and his thrusting pace faster as he exploded right inside of her. He didn’t even think about it, he just released the whole thing inside as he ejaculated and worried less about the implications of his action should there be any.

“You will bear my kids, Jae. Even if it’s just one, please bear me a child. I will be comforted and consoled with that should anything go wrong with this affair.

“I gladly will love to bear your kids, you know I’ll choose you a million times over if I was asked to choose. I love you against all odds sunshine.”

They made their way into the bath as she turned on the shower, backing him and punishing his cock as she kept brushing her ass on it.


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