Practical Ways To Resist Premarital Sex

How to resist premarital sex
How to resist premarital sex/Photo Credit;

There are lots of controversies on premarital sex. People ask, if it is possible to avoid sex before marriage. Though lots of persons have different opinions as it best suits them, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

Actually, sex is not a sin before God if practiced according to God’s plan. It only becomes a sin when it’s done outside or before marriage. God frowns at it and He knows why.

Extramarital sex is a sin and dishonors one’s personality. Some persons might see it as  fun but there is no way sin can be fun. Taking note of these two words premarital and extramarital; one has the prefix “pre” and the other “extra” this means that (pre) sex before and  (extra) sex outside marriage are both wrong. Sex is designed for married people only.

But there are ways you can avoid sex before marriage;

Decide on how to live your life;

Life is all about choice, you can either choose to abstain from sex until marriage or sex all the way. Nobody is living your life for you. You don’t allow people’s decision influence yours.

Choose your friends;

The kind of friends you move with tell much about you. Friends can either make or mar you, even the Bible says, ‘’evil communication corrupts good manners’’.

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Don’t cohabit;

Avoid cohabiting no matter what, it is wrong. Ladies don’t be too desperate thinking that visiting him during weekends and sleeping over every now and then will make him marry you. It is your decision, choose not to involve in premarital sex and stand on it. If he likes you that much, he will adhere, if he doesn’t the man that loves you will come and marry you without delay.

Guide/renew your mind;

Guide your mind and avoid anything that can corrupt it. For instance; Mind the kind of music you listen to, the videos you watch, also the books you read. most importantly the Word of God is very important, it helps renew your mind.

Stop unnecessary request from men;

If you’re in the habit of requesting money or gift from guys, it will give them room to demand for sex. So, don’t ask and rarely collect when they give you. Even if they are just giving you without any demand fore sex, someday, they will ask.

Avoid too much closeness to the opposite sex;

Avoid anything that will bring you too close to the opposite sex, whether male or female both of them lust. Men lust after women while female lust after male.

Don’t be Idle;

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Occupy your mind with activities that will keep you away from being idle, as they say, ”idle mind is Devil’s workshop”. Take your job and studies serious. You can even engage yourself in the church. You will find out that you won’t even have time think of any evil.

Be Prayerful;

It is not easy though, even with all these don’ts be prayerful and oftentimes ask for God’s grace not to fall into temptation. Temptation will surely come but yielding should be your last option.



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