PSquare’s, Paul Okoye Shares How He Got Twins; Nathan And Nadia

Paul Okoye with the twin he met at his Dentist office that motivated him to do the prayer that led to his own twins/Photo credit: Instagram

Paul of PSquare shares the real story of how he got his twin babies; Nadia and Nathan. According to Paul, four years back he went to his Dentist, where he met twins – he held them and prayed to God for his own to come.

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rudeboypsquare – ”Almost 4yrs ago I took this picture #Godabeg #blessme. today I’m blessed… God blessed me ….. always appreciate good things,always be thankful, always be positive ….. God bless you all, hallelujah!! Na God dey do am.”

 The celebrity who recently celebrated his kids birthday in a classy way shares that he got God’s attention after the prayer because he appreciated something good

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Nathan and Nadia are one, and they are waxing real strong

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