Queen Nwokoye Blast Creator For Creating Fake Wakanda Movie Poster And Got Fought By Fans

Queen Nwokoye Blast Creator For Creating Fake Wakanda Movie Poster And Got Fought By Fans - Surge.ng
Fake movie poster created to mock the copy style of Nigerian movie makers, which got Queen Nwokoye pissed/ Photo credit: Instagram

So funny! Nollywood actress Queen Nwokoye lost it when she stumbled on a fake movie poster she couldn’t remember to have gone for with her face. The movie poster from all indications was for a different movie with the title ‘Oshimili‘, while the unidentified creator captioned his creation ‘Wakanda’.

Its obvious that the creator is mocking Nigerian movie practitioners for always being too quick to copy real life event or world class movies to produce their movies. Remember ‘Okija shrine’ ‘Isakaba’ and lots more.

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Wakanda is the story of the now trending ‘Black Panther’. Queen took to her Instagram page to blast the creator of the poster…but then she got bashed, huh!

Checkout this rage expression from the actress…

”I am very sure that the jobless fellow who made this rubbish think it’s funny but its not. These days people can do anything for likes and comments. Pls just leave me out of your childish creations biko. And for those ones who are running their mouths up and down,do not take the gentle strides of the lion as cowardice.”

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Whoops! How will fans swallow this dynamite? Stay cool we got some reactions already…

  • angels_delight1@adaprecious43 me I’m sad it wasn’t, cos I was already thinking of when to go and see it!!!
  • zita_nwosu And I was saying it’s the work of photoshop but my friend was arguing with me @queennwokoye Thanks for addressing this issue
  • angels_delight1 Me that I’ve started checking out which cinema to go n watch it!!! Chai!!!!!!
  • queennwokoye@realemmalabista my brother can you imagine. Embarrassing themselves and their country. It’s really sad.
  • decencyjames Where Bobrisky dey self
  • jessicacynthia0 I v watched d movie….. @queennwokoye u wicked well well😝😝 lol
  • am_iceman U said instagram? Drop me the instagram handle @queennwokoye
  • candysolomon24@queennwokoye don’t worry we will left you alone. I nor understand why them do your face like pikin wey dey cry for akara. You people should left us alone oooooooo left us be biko. Nne biko o @queennwokoye
  • imeldaline Aunty Queen nwokoye Nigerians love u that’s it.its because u very important to us. But u know it would be wonderful if Hollywood does this ooo
  • sonofagan1This makeup artist no try at all, see how my lady look chaaii Nna eehh, thank God say na Film….
  • uchestaNigeria actresses and their time shaaa…you really have time @queennwokoye
  • k8henshaw@queennwokoye 😘😘😘 you are important naaa naim make dem use your face!! Your market dey sell well well!!!!!

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  • christianchimacollins No publicity Is wrong, you are a star see it as a promotion
  • queennwokoye@christianchimacollins I Don’t need this kind of publicity biko.
  • photonewshq Please when is it gonna premiere jooor
  • chicky4j But there’s nothing wrong in wakanda forever Nollywood version 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
  • pendoh_kenya Haha @lupitanyongo abeg jaber, come see this now..hawa watu wa Nigeria wameamua sasa. Huhu maajabu hayo.
  • bekeekomc lol .. …….. btw before you know it nollywood will have its own version of wakanda trust me its just a matter of time
  • ifunanya.dike.7547 Lol bcos they know that ,this is the kind of movies u act lol
  • chineenwakanma My love for you queen, Is endless! But the movie for make Sence sha😂😂😂😂. Wakanda forever!!!
  • priceless_jewel93😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣nor be only wakanda forever 😂🤣😂🤣my people will not kee me Lmfaooooo
  • meeky_santos Biko which one is the continuation wakanda forever or prince of wakanda@ queennwokoye
  • officialkubani Wakanda ke looooolz nollywood rada rada
  • queennwokoye@youngamadin Everyone Knows I Have Never Been The Publicity Craving Type. So they should just leave me alone and face the ones who like it.
  • diluvofpeace Why angry about it? It’s kinda funny. Rep ur people lol
  • dayenneempire It’s actually funny but this is something nollywood is very capable of doing. And you @queennwokoye, as a celebrity, you have to ignore unavoidables like this one. Just saying.
  • royalquen Hmmmm my own nah say this might be fake but surely one day the nollywood I know must act something of such😂🤣
  • andragrizz Honestly i gave up on nollywood when i saw this poster thank God is not true …
  • adaprecious43 I thought this was true 😂😂😂😂thank goodness it wasn’t
  • ebukathadon This one weak me o… Lol, black panther.. Chai
  • hommiie_lion Lolz….. I prefer to wash PORN to that nonsense movie @queennwokoye
  • braeei Nollywood don’t waste no time😂😂🏃‍♂️ I’m waiting to see what’s next…
  • ikebobo1 You are a Nigeria actress,you don’t need to take this personal … Are you greater than other actors and actresses they are using they picture to make joke like this not to talk of our formal presidents wife…. I though you will write something funny instead of being harsh for me is very funny, and very soon nollywood will still act a movie only to name it black panther or even this wakanda forest no be nollywood again haba
  • snazzynee Hahaha but this picture di funny😃😃😃, wakanda forever! ,I want to go to wakanda

Was it wrong for Queen to have reacted in anger as some fans kicked against?

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