Redeemed Christian Church of God Ban Aso Ebi


According to Tribune, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) reportedly banned the use of the popular aso ebi uniforms worn at wedding ceremonies.Pastor Foluke Adeboye Pastor Foluke Adeboye, the wife of the General Overseer of RCCG, made this known while speaking at the church’s women’s meeting, on Sunday.

According to her, the ungodly acts by some church leaders to compel their members to buy and wear a particular uniform aka Aso ebi during any church function should stop from hence forth.

She stated that some members of some parishes in the church that cannot afford to buy some of these Aso Ebi’s have been exempted from some church functions. she further stressed that such un-Christianly act of keeping church members out of programmes because of Aso ebi, must never be heard of again among the women in the church, adding that those caught would be severely sanctioned.

Pastor Foluke Adeboye however, noted that Aso Ebi ordinarily should be for the family and not be elevated to the point of making it to overshadow the spiritual life of the congregants.

According to her, there is no white or black lie, small or big lie with God, adding that when attendees are asked to bring air fare to fly in an item already provided for at the event venue, those involved are simply engaging in ungodly act which is a sin.

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