Real Story Behind 14-Year-Old Girl… Bathed With Hot Water By Aunty- Lawyer

Real Story Behind 14-Year-Old Girl... Bathed With Hot Water By Aunty- Lawyer Surge Zirc
Victims Aunt/photo credit: Surge Zirc

In an exclusive interview with Barr. Tracy, a member of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) and one of the defending lawyers to a 14-year-old Beauty Uwaju who was abused and bathed with hot water by her supposed guardian.

In respect to the news on the internet, Barr. Tracy told Surge Zirc all that really happened.

 Surge Zirc: May we know you and all that really happened to Beauty?

Barrister: I’m a FIDAn my name is Tracy and the name of the girl in question is Beauty Uwaji, she is 14-years-old and an indigene of Adua, Benin State.

She lives with her Aunt who states opposite Sira House, Mgbuoba, Port-harcourt, Rivers State.

She attends Community Primary School Rumuokwuta.

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14-year-old Beauty has been constantly abused, there’s even a part of her head that has been broken and has gone bald, in essence, it is quite impossible to grow hairs on that part of her head.

We are told that the girl goes to school as late as 10:00 a.m everyday and where they live is quite far from the school and she has to trek to school but sometimes she is given N50 for transport fare.

The case of the abuse got to FIDA when a teacher from the Community Secondary School Rumuokwuta, who knows what we do; which is fight for children’s right which is governed by child’s right law and for mothers, everything that concerns women generally.

The teacher is also aware that we go from school to school to teach and tell children who are abused that they are not helpless, that they have their rights just like every other citizen, that in case of abuse, defilement and rape they can reach us and we will look into the matter and justice would take it’s course.

So, the teacher brought the little girl to us, while narrating her case, the little girl said that she lives with her aunt in a two bedroom flat, and she sleeps in the parlor on the bare floor without a mat, wrapper, mattress or even a bedspread.

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She said on the fateful day being the 3rd of July, tired from her chores, she went to lay down but she got cold and decided to rest on her Madam’s Children’s bed.

Unfortunately, her aunty came in and saw her sleeping on the bed, what she did was to get a flask just filled hot boiled water and poured it on the little girl saying ‘you like better thing abi?’

The little girl jumped up with a shout and tried to hold the woman, instead she pushed her and used belt to flog her, while flogging her she was making comments like, ‘This your body I’ll peel it,’ ‘This your body go peel well well’, she flogged her until at a point when she saw that the body was actually peeling and severe before she let go of her.

Exclusive Interview: Real Story Behind 14-Year-Old Girl,' Bathed With Hot Water' By Aunty- Lawyer Surge zirc
the victim, Beauty Uwaji/ photo credit: Surge Zirc

The following day, the girl went to school in order to write her mock exams, the teachers saw her and became alarmed and one of them (name withheld) decided to bring the girl to us at FIDA.

Before the teacher got to us, they went with policemen to look for the aunt but she was away, the gate-man promised to help by alerting the policemen whenever the woman returns home which he did and the woman was apprehended immediately.

She was arrested and taken to Khala Police station, mile 4.

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When we got there, the woman was carrying and cuddling a little baby, trying to show love, so we were wondering if this woman could show love to her own child, why abuse some other woman’s child.

So we asked her few questions:

‘Why is your house help’s clothes downstairs?’ and she said the clothes were smelling.

And we asked her ‘why don’t you allow her sleep on the sofa?’ she claimed that the girl said she does not like the sofa!

What a contradiction! We were told that the woman had warned her never to sleep on the sofa which means she must have tried it before.

And again the woman claimed that she poured the water on the little girl by accident,but she never bothered to take her to the hospital for treatment and again she claimed to have taken her to a pharmacy which is not enough for a severe burn like this.

When we asked her about the girl’s parents, she refused to provide them, instead she called another woman to pose as the girl’s mother

Finally, the woman was charged with 2 count charges bordering on Child trafficking and assault.

Exclusive Interview: Real Story Behind 14-Year-Old Girl,' Bathed With Hot Water' By Aunty- Lawyer Surge Zirc
Victims Aunt/ photo credt: Surge Zirc

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She was denied bail just for her to feel the pain, she was reprimanded at the Port-harcourt prison custody and the next adjourning day is on the 19th of June for the hearing of bail, probably she may be handed bail.

We want this to be happening as a deterrent to those who are perpetrating such wickedness, all this incessant abuse is too much.

We the FIDAn’s are not retreating, we are not surrendering until justice is done.

Surge Zirc: How can FIDA be contacted?

Barrister: We have FIDA in every state in Nigeria, FIDA is an international body, our secretariat is at Magistrate block, Port-harcourt High court.



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