Revealed: Find Out How Banana Peels Can Improve your Health

Mongee banana
Mongee banana: photo credit: Metro
Banana  peels can now be eaten for more nutritional values. Banana is one among other fruits that is rich in Potassium, Magnesium, Carbohydrates, Fiber, Protein and Vitamins. Its Peel is another bag of nutrients. Are you willing to eat your Bananas alongside its peels?

Though certain Asian cultures eat Banana Peels as it is considered to be high in Carbohydrates and other nutrients.  It is not all species of Banana that can be eaten with the Peels except the Mongee Banana – which has an edible peel. Created by a Japanese Agricultural Research Company, the fruit – pronounced “Mon-gay” (Japanese word for incredible) – is made through an extreme freezing and thawing process.

D & T Farm are the people behind the Wholly Edible Fruits.

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According to their website; Mongees are sweeter than their traditional counterpart, It also added that the peels don’t have a bitter taste as ordinary banana exteriors do.This can also make for a better Banana smoothie, because the Peels will thicken it the more.

Apart from this particular specie of Banana, Peels of Banana generally are consumable.

Now, what benefits can you derive from consuming Banana peels?

Cardiovascular Health

Banana Peels might help remove Atherosclerosis from the body by avoiding cholesterol from sticking to the walls of the arteries.

Weight Loss and Obesity

Because Banana Peels are filled with fiber they also fill you up and therefore can deal with weight reduction as well as obesity.

Anticancer Agents

Banana Peels include effective anti-carcinogenic substances which help to avoid cancer. And in addition they consist of overprotective agents as well as antimutagenic agents which decrease your likelihood of coming down along with cancer. At the same time have plenty of carotenoids and polyphenols like that found in green tea which help to maintain your immune system healthy.

Red Blood Cell Protective Agent

Research also discovered that Banana Peels also safeguards red blood cells from breaking down. And in addition they found that green Banana Peels were even more efficient at safeguarding the body from free-radicals.

Combat Puffy Eyes

Whilst cucumbers are definitely the popular method to combat tired, puffy eyes, banana peels can perform the trick too – only use them the same way, over the eyes, to provide you with a bright, freshened look.

Treat dark circles

You can also place small pieces of banana peel beneath your eyes after having a tiring day to deal with dark circles.

It provides lots of electrolytes

Anybody who played sports like a kid recognizes that if muscles are cramping then bananas are what you eat prior to the big game. The potassium (and electrolytes) within the fruit plays a role in muscle building, metabolizing of carbohydrates, and also the regulation of acid-base balance through the entire body. Banana peels are similarly effective in supplementing potassium.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Talking about tryptophan, banana peels are loaded with this compound too. Tryptophan is a vital amino acid that’s often recommended in supplement form to deal with sleep issues. Consuming banana peels may help you obtain a good night’s sleep.

Great for Depression

Did you know that ripe Banana Peels are ideal for depression? Banana Peels are loaded with serotonin that enhance your mood which help you feel happy, much like prozac and a lot of other mood enhancing drugs.Research has shown that if you consume two Banana Peels a day for 3 days you’ve got a net increase of 15% within your serotonin level.

Treats Anemia

Since the flesh of the banana may be very candy and gentle, the pores and skin of the peel may be very thick, barely bitter and fibrous. It includes large quantity of fibre and iron. Consuming the peel both simply by mixing, baking, or boiling them for around quarter-hour.

Stop a scratched CD or DVD from skipping

In case your favorite disc simply won’t play effortlessly, repair it using a banana peel. To do: Rub the back of the disc in the gentle circular motion using the inside of the peel. Wipe off any residue using a soft cloth, after that lightly spray the disc along with glass cleaner and also buff it till it looks clean. The wax within the peel will fill out scratches without harming the plastic finish, therefore the disc can begin to play without skips.

In line with the popular saying;”One Banana a day keeps you away from Doctor”. I add; How much more when it is Mongee banana!

Mongee banana
Mongee banana photo credit: Metro

How the first scientists plant and grow banana trees.

First, scientists plant and grow banana trees in an environment kept at -60 degrees Celcius. Then, the team thaws and replants them. The change in temperature allows the plants to grow quickly, and leaves the fruit with a peel with a lettuce-like texture.

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But as it stands now, this Banana specie is not only scarce but expensive as a result of its high cost of production. For those who can, look out for this Banana specie and enjoy the complete taste of edible Banana. If it grows in your Country, lucky you!




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