Revealed! Ladies, Say Goodbye To Delayed Marriage By These Simple Ways

Ladies- simple ways to marry easily
Ladies simple ways to marry easily/ Photo Credit: The Modern Man
Many ladies have delayed marriage and always attribute it to spiritual problems. They hold unto it so tight and not knowing that it is achievable through physical ways. 

Of a truth there are spiritual problems, but physical precautions has to be applied and after the application it isn’t making head way then it can to be tackled spiritually. It is necessary to deal with this marital delay on both ways.

One may ask, what could be these physical ways? It is what you ought to do daily but you may see it as not being necessary, or you may not want to be called ‘’desperado’’. But there is a saying that syas: ‘’If you desire something, then go for it’’! Delay can be dangerous because while you stay back without making move, another lady that knows what she wants will overtake you and before you know it, she has started sharing her wedding card and that particular guy as her husband. You will live to regret your nonchalant attitude.

These are the ways to get married easily;

  • If you like him, take a bold step

For instance, if you happen to go for a conference and a new handsome guy in the company is the one delivering the speech, and you like him, [remember, you might not be the only admirer, but you can win his heart] go for him immediately after the conference. If you meet him, with a smile first applaud his speech and then say good things about his wears, then leave.

  • Take him out for a lunch

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The next day, go to his office and greet him, exchange pleasantries after which you invite him to join you for a lunch. During lunch ask him about himself, after that he will be free to ask you too. Phone contact will be exchanged as well. A relationship is automatically established.

  • He will be fond of you

He will surely call you in the evening after work to talk with you. Remember, communication is one of the bedrock that grows a relationship. Now he will start calling you often times on phone and inviting you to come over to his office if you are less busy.

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  • He will want you to know where he resides

Be careful here; don’t go opening your legs or start bringing in your clothes into his house. You are inviting disgrace. Take your time, don’t rush him. Patiently allow him to propose that will assure you that he wants to take the relationship seriously.

  • Marriage proposal is not marriage

The Lady will take the man as her husband already and also be carried away by sleeping with the man all the time. This causes the man to delay the marriage because he has ravaged your body and there is nothing new anymore.

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  • Test him

Test him by saying you are pregnant, and then see what he has to say. If he is careless about it and ask you to abort it, you better quit that relationship before something worse happens to you, and thank God that you’re not actually pregnant. Also if you travel for any festive period in your village, come back and tell him how other ladies are getting married, if he says he will marry you soon, you are lucky but if he keeps quiet, please don’t hesitate to quit.

After applying all these ways and it didn’t still work out, don’t waste time to go for deliverance so you can deal with spiritual problems.

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