Sex toys built to substitute women. See people’s view

Sex toys built to substitute women. See people's
Sex doll/ Photo credit: Spring

It is no longer news that there are sex toys invented to perform exactly the way woman do. They talk, walk, moan during sex and even react according to sex drive on bed. But i didn’t know it’s as expensive as a small Japanese car; it cost between N800,000 to N1,500,000. I heard someone said, ”Good for women! No more iyanga. They now have substitute.”

”VIEWERS DISCRETION: I AM SORRY TO POST THIS. After all there is no child on my list of followers. One of my visions in life is to mentor young people into Godly relationships and marriages. Now the world has invented a sex doll for men. It can talk and behave like ladies.

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”But it cannot give you money like human; it can’t give a man food, wash, cook and clean a man when he is sick. We live in a world of misplaced priorities. How can you take a whopping amount of 800k to buy a sex doll and a liability for yourself as a man? I heard some ladies a protesting and angry.

”You don’t have to protest if you got a good character. Real men are still available. Real men are looking for quality not quantity. Ladies, work on yourself, develop your life, character and finances. Ladies, don’t be cheap to any man, but be friendly, communicate well and be prayerful. Work hard.

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”Don’t be a liability but be an asset to any man that want to marry you. No man wants a woman with beauty but without brain. #Read Proverbs 31. Forget about this sex toys. It is poisonous and it will surely fail them. No man wants a beast in his home. Check yourself daily and arrange your life and you will never struggle to get married. I see great number of ladies celebrating their marriages this year in Jesus name

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