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Snapchat Lost Three Million Daily Users In The Past Three Month


Yet, things are not all bad.

That 188 million daily active user number is 8 percent higher than this time last year, and CFO Tim Stone said that monthly active users are now up to 100 million in US and Canada. Also, overall revenue is now $262 million this quarter.

That’s a 44 percent year-over-year increase and a 11.9 percent increase from last quarter. Snap is still operating at a net loss of $353 million, but it has decreased by 20 percent since this time last yearIn other words, it’s losing users, but it’s making more money. Perhaps partly due to a recent investment of $250 million by Prince Al-Waleed Talal of Saudi Arabia.

The drop in daily active users is an unfortunate turn for the company, as it struggled with a tepid reaction to its app redesign late last year as well as continuing problems with its Android app.

In his prepared remarks, CEO Evan Spiegel said that the decline was primarily driven by disruption caused by the aforementioned redesign.

“It has been approximately six months since we broadly rolled out the redesign of our application, and we have been working hard to iterate and improve Snapchat based on the feedback from the community,” he said.

He also addressed the ongoing issues with the Android app by saying he hopes to bring the lessons it’s learned from the iOS app over to the Android side of things.

According to Spiegel, new Snapchat users are primarily using Android, and it’s been trying to completely rewrite its Android app for over a year now.

“Even though our iterative efforts to improve the existing application have helped increase new user retention on Android by nearly 20 percent since Q4 of 2016, we believe that rewriting the application presents a big opportunity because it takes advantage of the latest Android capabilities and has a modularized structure that will make it easier for us to innovate in the future,” said Spiegel.

The earnings report didn’t have any sales figures for its latest Spectacles hardware, so it’s unclear how that has impacted the company as a whole.

Snap did reveal that 11 of its Shows now have a monthly audience of over 10 million users, which is up from the 7 million in last quarter. “The number of people that watch Publisher Stories and Shows on iOS every day has grown by more than 15 percent this year,” said Spiegel.

Users spend an average of over 30 minutes on Snapchat every day, he added, and user retention for people older than 35 has increased more than 8 percent.


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