Students Arrested For Gang-Raping And Initiating Fellow Students

Students Gang-rapes and initiates students
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Some male students of the King Ado High School in Lagos State has been arrested for forcibly raping and initiating fellow schoolgirls into cultism.

The boys were arrested by the Lagos Neighbourhood and safety Corps (LNSC) the cultists initiated any female student or other target by first kidnapping her, forcing her to her knees and then pulling off her uniform before gang raping her.

They usually get their target away from public places through threats and take them to a secluded place in Agarawu area of Lagos Island. They would Blindfold, gang-rape and hold the victims hostage for days and perform other rituals on them before they release them to go back home or the school.

“This is the way of initiation into “Supreme Boys Club”, also known as Eye,” said one of the cultists during their parade before journalists at the Safety Arena, Oshodi, the headquarters of the LNSC. It was learnt that after criminally initiating their victim, they would tell her not to tell anyone or face death.

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The arrested cult boys are Kadiri Ajala, Muyideen Ganiyu, Kayode Damilare, Idogun Yinusa, Yinka Adewuyi and Laguda Kamal. One of them, Wakilu, whose house was used as ‘Cult House,’ was yet to be arrested.

Chairman of the LNSC, DIG Israel Ajao (rtd), while giving details on the mode of operation of the cult boys wondered how schoolboys engage themselves in such despicable act.

He said: “They don’t just kidnap, they gang-rape them and after taking their turns, they call on other members to also come and have their turns.

Ajao, going by the agency’s investigation confirmed the boys to be students of the above mentioned school and some of them are dropouts.

Some of the girls narrated their ordeals in the hands of the cultists who are supposed to be their schoolmate.

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One of the victims a 15-year-old who gave her name as Alaka, said that one of the cult boys, Dare, took her and her friend, Suliat to join his group.

She said: “Dare took me away from school with a gun and when we got to a place at Agarawu, I was asked to kneel down by seven boys. They took me away through tricycle. Dare and Wakilu covered my eyes with a black handkerchief.

“They poured something on my body, raped and initiated me. Dare slapped me three times and said that I have been initiated.”

Another victim, a JSS3 student said she was forcibly taken to Agarawu where four boys forced her to her knees and pulled off her uniform gang-raped for many days and did not allow her go home.

“They forced me into the room and ordered me to pull off my clothes.

“They blindfolded me and poured something on my body before I was repeatedly raped for days. They said they had initiated me by doing so.”

One of the Mothers of the victims, confirmed that her daughter didn’t come for some days and she went to the school to complain to the principal but she was told that the cult boys were after her.

She said: “On several occasions, we will discover that she was missing at home for days.

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“She never told anybody what has been happening. It was after we involved the LNSC officers before she revealed all that has been happening, that is why the boys were apprehended,” She said.

Finally, Ajao said the suspects would be prosecuted. He advised parents to always speak out when they notice strange developments from their wards.

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