Take-home For Surge Zirc Art Competition Winner, Consolation Prizes For Others

Take-home For Surge Zirc Art Competition Winner, Consolation Prizes For Others Surge Zirc
take-home prizes for winnners/ photo credit: panther

Surge Zirc Art Competition is a life transforming project.

Our target is to send this as a life-line to helpless talented Nigerians, regardless of their locations. We encourage people who knows anyone that can sketch very well to take this news across to them, and help them register.

Prize For Winner:

  • The winner gets a one year publicity/promotional contract with Surge Zirc.
  • The winner becomes a Surge Zirc ambassador.
  • The winner gets a cash reward, to be disclosed later.
  • The winner gets a media tour.
  • Plan is on to secure the winner a drawing studio, equipped with sketching equipment at a choice location.

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Prize for second and third:

  • The second and third gets merit awards.
  • they get media tour.
  • they become Surge Zirc ambassadors.
  • plans are on to provide other consolation prizes.

Being in the news consistently with useful activities is more than enough opportunity for a person to succeed. Lot of persons never had anything next to this, yet they succeeded.

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So this opportunity would be an express way to destinies.

Let’s play it.

This project is proudly powered by: Surge Zirc Media, Rivers State Television Authority (RSTV), Surjik Films Production and Pitchfork Express.

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