African Art: The Teacher Portrait Sold for $3.3 million

Artifacts and paintings do not have value in Africa only. Europeans and other parts of the world have embrace art works they see art frames and paintings as a must to use materials for decoration today.

African Art Work

Africans are known for creativity in art, they make paintings that depict live scenarios. They have illustrated different family settings in various painting works and have also captured African types of settlement too.

Most of their painting may appear common on the materials they are made on. But are very expensive considering the concept, what it depicts and the profile of the painters.
Arts professionals have also represented different animals using wood and metal materials.

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They carve human faces, body and many other objects which are significant to the African people. Most of the art works made by Africans play vital role in the interpretation of the African tradition and values. During festivals of different sort, the most significant art carvings to the festival that is to be celebrated is displayed.

Most times art works; both painting and artifacts are used to decorate living houses. You also find them in classic hotels and other public building. In fact artifact and paintings are the most used items in decorating houses, hotels, schools, public and government structures.

Artifacts and paintings do not have value in Africa only. Europeans and other parts of the world have embrace art works. They see art frame and paintings as a must-to-use materials for decoration today. There is hardly a home in any magazine or decoration company profiles without a frame or a piece of artifacts in capture. To further illustrate the wide acceptance of the African art work and paintings. See the Teacher Portrait.

The Teacher Portrait

This is an amazing portrait that sold for an estimated sum of $3.3 million in 2015. The portrait was made from a class picture taken from Marlene Dumas’ childhood in South Africa. If you have not known the value of African art and portraits, then think why they cost so much.


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