The Reason Behind WWE Drive Towards Dolph Ziggler

The Reason Behind WWE Drive Towards Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler remembered in the Hall Of Fame of WWE Wrestlers/ Photo credit:
Dolph Ziggler has once again been recognized in the hall of fame of WWE Wrestlers. Having defeated Seth Rollins’ and ending his universally praised reign in a total victory last week’s Raw and aligning with Drew.

It’s a sharp turnaround for a wrestler whose career had plummeted on SmackDown, where his whiney heel shtick was struggling to gain traction, but according to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, it hasn’t come out of nowhere.

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Some people believe that Dolph’s contract that is set to expire later this summer is one reason behind his spur to stardom after a long while of struggling to gain his feet, and WWE hope this win and new fame will persuade him to stick around.

Dolph has never been shy of airing his discontent, and admitted he “hated” his position in WWE during an appearance on Edge & Christian’s podcast last December. Time will tell if this new push appeases him, but for now, Ziggler’s in a good place.

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There’s a worry that Ziggler’s re-elevation is temporary, and that if he re-signs, the company could shove him straight down the card. Regardless, ‘The Show-Off’ has found his groove again. The Rollins bouts were widely praised, the McIntyre alliance is full of possibilities, and he hasn’t looked this motivated in years.


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