The Sexual Adventures Of ‘Rex Peters’

On the 11th of March 2018, I’d just finished reading a relationship book published by an African Author, Sam Zewas, who defined womanizing in three different schools.

According to Sam Zewas, there are three types of womanizers, they are; the born womanizers, the circumstance-driven womanizers and the adventurous womanizers. I may not be wrong to say that I belong to the third category, the adventurous womanizers.

You may wonder why I said that. Let me relate my escapade with Diana, which was born out of curiosity in a bid to know what Philip was enjoying from his numerous social media relationships.

My chat with Diana on Facebook had lasted for about 30 days or more. I’d never thought of allowing her get closer than she was on Facebook messenger despite her consistent and indirect flash of green light in order for me to invite her over to my office or even my house.

Immediately, I decided to take a step out of my decision not to allow any lady come close, I sent an approval message to Diana on messenger.

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While she was offline, I too logged out. At exactly 3:30 p.m when I logged in to messenger to read and reply my unread messages, I saw Diana online. She sent me “hello” but I was pretty much busy replying other messages and then she sent another “hello” message.

she said “Don’t you want to reply my messages?” immediately, I opened our conversation and sent a reply, “sorry, I was replying a client’s messages.” She demanded to know if she could visit by some minutes past three (3 p.m.) and I said “no, it’s late, let’s leave it for tomorrow.”

Diana tried to persuade me into accepting she visits me that late but I insisted that the next day would be better. When she realized I was not ready to yield and oblige her visit that day, she stopped asking.

The following day, in the early hours of the morning, I was still on my bed when I reached out to my phone to switch it on, and then opened my messenger app. Diana had already dropped offline messages the previous night, requesting for my mobile number so she could call me for a clearer direction on how to get to my friend’s house when coming.

Sorry, I should have stated before now that I bluntly told Diana that I would not allow her visit my house. The reason was simple but I kept it to myself. Though she insisted, I told her she was not permitted to visit me in my house. The reason was personal and I was not ready to let her in on that, and I never did. She felt I might want to call off the whole visitation if she insisted on coming to my house, so she dropped the idea entirely.

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Meanwhile, I did drop my contact for her on messenger as requested that morning. Few hours later, my phone rang and when I picked up, it was Diana telling me she would be leaving her house in the next five minutes. “It’s okay” I responded.

Quickly I left my bed for the bathroom, turned on the shower and had a quick bath. Next, I changed into something really appealing. I could remember the countless compliments I got whenever I was dressed in a jeans trouser, a body-fitted T-shirt and snickers, so I dressed exactly that way.

On a second thought, I remembered it was Friday and it was a personal decision to always dress in a native attire to represent my continent, and not even my desire to put up an impressive first impression could change that. So, I changed into a navy blue chieftain shirt and a fitting pant. I was certain that my haircut was neat enough and my accessories would amount to good cash if weighed.

I walked out of my house for Kelvin’s. I had just finished relating to Kelvin the reason I came and sent a little girl in his compound to go buy us some bottles of beer so we could keep ourselves busy before Diana comes, and Kelvin is sent on exile temporarily. Lol! But that’s the truth, that’s how we roll.

The bottles of drinks had been supplied and we thought some pieces of dried meat wouldn’t be bad, so we sent the same girl to go get us some. Immediately the girl left to get the meat, my phone rang. ‘That must be Diana’ I thought to myself and reached for the phone. Diana’s name and number kept dangling on the phone screen as it rang repeatedly as though she’ll go back if I don’t go to pick her.

Kelvin jokingly said “o boy make sure they bring my own portion of the meat when the girl comes.” With this, he exited the room – exiled, and I stepped out to get this Diana of a lady whose face I have only seen on Facebook. Another reason I wanted to see her was her persuasiveness on issues she really wanted.

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As I got to the bus stop, I saw a short lady dressed in a white sleeveless jumpsuit raising her phone to make a call then I concluded that that must be her. I walked up to her from the back and called her name, Diana. She startled and smiled, “you scared me” she said. “No, I startled you,” I corrected.

Diana and I walked down to Kelvin’s house. “Is this your house?” she asked, looking in an inspective manner. “No, my friend’s house, I replied. “I told you I will not take you to my house just yet, right?” I added.

Diana was looking so free around me as though she had met me in any of these amusement parks before now around the Garden City but I was so sure we have never met anywhere in the entire world.

There was a knock on the door and Diana rushed to get the door. It was the little girl who went to get us some dried meat and Diana turned to inquire from me if I had sent anyone to get dried meat. I had already backed the door as I went closer to the TV set to tune to a more favourable channel before I heard Diana say “baby, did you send for dried meat?” I opened my eyes in astonishment and quietly recited to myself “Baby?”

I turned and pretended as if I was not shocked on hearing that. “Yes I did,” came my reply. Diana collected the meat from the little girl and banged the door, fastening its bolt against it in a firm lock. That was an assurance to me that anything could happen for all she cares.

Written by Busy Brain.


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