The Mystery Behind Ogbunike Cave in Anambra is Still Unknown to Man

Ogbunike cave

Ogbunike cave is the largest cave in the entire West Africa. It has been listed as the most visited tourist site in Anambra State by World Heritage UNESCO.

The State Government constructed about 317 of the steps that leads to the cave. The surrounding vegetation is scenic with an attractive waterfall.

The collection of caves has been in use over the centuries by local people for whom it has particular spiritual significance with an annual festival and carnival held commemorating its discovery. It is believed that the small spring of water at the entrance of Ogbunike cave has healing power.

People who are visiting remove their shoes before entering the cave as a tradition. And women who are having their monthly cycle (Mensuration) cannot go inside the cave.

Ogbunike cave is located at Ogbunike town, Idemili Local government Area of Anambra State in South-eastern Nigeria, West Africa.


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