Tony Elumelu: Letter to the next generation, Young Africans

Tony Elumelu: Letter to the next generation, Young Africans
Tony O Elumelu/ Photo credit: Instagram

Tony O Elumelu is one of the most successful business men in Africa and beyond. He is the Chairman of UBA, heirsholdings and chairman of so many other business oriented groups and a qualified business mentor. He gets pile up of invitations to speak in business seminars and summits both locally and intentionally on regular basis.

this rare personality of honor has found time out of his tight schedule to write a letter of motivation to the present generation. He captioned his letter: ‘Letter to the next generation, Young Africans’. Tony Elumelu shared this letter on his social media platform.

Tony Elumelu: Letter to the next generation, Young
Tony O Elumelu, writing a letter to the younger generation/ Photo credit: Instagram

It reads:

‘’You are brave, you are resilient. You are savvy, you are entrepreneurial, and unlike the generations that have come before you, you are much hungrier for success. You call your ambition, “your hustle”, and you have several of them because you are tireless and eager to achieve financial independence – no matter how elusive it appears.

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‘’You are optimistic but you are also anxious. You have seen others toil long and hard for economic security in vain, decades of labour without fruit.

‘’Some of your friends may have discussed emigrating with you – legally or illegally, and some may have lost their young lives crossing the Mediterranean in search of a future overseas where their talents are recognized and rewarded. You may even know a few in Libya, unsuspecting victims to the ugly acts of slave trade. A combination of these factors has left you disillusioned and disconnected. You don’t believe in politics.

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‘’There is no use in getting involved. You have seldom experienced good governance, so you think, “What’s the point?” But despite the gloom, there actually is indeed a point.
My generation and the ones before may have failed you, and the infrastructure for success glaringly absent – a persistent darkness in place of electricity, a stifling business environment that discourages enterprise and innovation, debilitating bureaucracy, inaccessible public officials who remain oblivious to your needs, an outdated education system in urgent need of reform– and the list goes on, but, if there’s anyone with the power to transform our continent and reshape our economic and social trajectory, it is YOU.

‘’There is formidable power in your intellect and creativity, your talent and ingenuity are rare, and your resolve and determination against all odds, can drive great change. But most importantly, the greatest force is in your numbers. Together, all 600 million of you that are under 30 years old, have the potential to be the most influential bloc on this continent. The indescribable influence that you can collectively wield, I hope that you soon fully understand and hopefully, deploy.

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