Trapped And Snatched – Part Two (2)

The feel of it left her completely agape at how one random guy she barely met a few days back and barely knew could make her feel this way and she tried fighting it off because she felt she’d lose it should she get too close to him….

Hours turned into days and more days and both were getting more and more engrossed with each other. The burning passion between this duo relinquished all forms of logical and evaluative reasoning as both didn’t care whether any was engaged or already committed in a relationship or if the ‘love’ was really true or some sort of a mirage.

Jed got to know the surface part of Jae and vice versa, nobody bothered to find out things outside the social media. The fondness grew and the lovebirds found themselves gradually deviating from the normal chats into an erotic-based chat.

They were so free with each other that they could talk about just anything and that included their sexual fantasies, orientations and escapades in time past. While Jae was more of the sex-inquisitive person that craved for some heated sexual moments, Jed was more of a crazy sex freak who could make out all day long should he find a matching sexual partner or lover.

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They got chatting, talking and video-calling almost all the time and both were comfortable with it even though distance was an obstacle that stared fiercely in their faces. The more they grew to love each other, the more the urge to meet and eventually get laid crawled up and built up like a hungry beast waiting for a perfect timing to set out and devour its prey.

Jed got entangled with work at some point, leaving the group for some time and telling none about it. he was just discreet with his activities and didn’t tell Jae about it either so the lass was totally in the dark, lurking around like a lost child who seeks after her mother, looking for Jed or any information she could get on his whereabouts.

“Could it be that Jed was toying with my emotions all this time? What could possibly keep him away and without notice or even a phone call? Why does it have to be now that I have fallen for him?” all these answers she needed to keep calm and think straight, but the more questions she asked, the more perplexed she got.

She had to keep herself busy anyway, knowing she can’t get these answers from anyone but Jed.

A few days after, the missing Jed resurfaced, apologizing for his abrupt and inexcusable absence and promised it will never happen again. He noticed the cold shoulders given to him by Jae, he needed no soothsayer to them him where it went sour or why she acted that way.

He took to her inbox as she wouldn’t take his calls or reply his text messages. He apologized for being so busy and not telling her before he left that he had to take a break owing to the nature of his job. After much ado, she obliged and the online affair got sweet again after which she made an open letter to him in the group with the most romantic choice of words ever.

The young lovers got deep into each other and could no longer resist the call of nature to explore their bodies with a burning passion, urge and killing sensations. It was all breathtaking as they described in details how they were going to devour each other and rip apart their insides in a mind-blowing lovemaking and heated intimate sessions should they meet.

With this in mind, both parties planned their meeting and how their first lovemaking was going to be and fixed a date for it. The excitement was all over Jed even though he tried to keep it in. He thought about the tenderness of her body, her flawless skin, her alluring feminine build and her irresistible and charming twins that graced her chest.

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All these left him a hard-on after some crazy moments of fantasy of how he’d first hug her and take her off her feet in a tight embrace, bring her down gently and slowly look into her eyes as he matches his lips with hers in a slow French kiss session, sensually licking and sucking on her lips as he slides his tongue into her mouth, allowing her suck on his tongue as he brushes his hands through her waist, cupping her ass as much as he could.

He thought about all these until he fell asleep on his very soft cushion chair where he laid on to watch a football match (even though he ended up undressing Jae in his thoughts and mind’s eyes). Some minutes before 10pm, Jae’s call came through and interrupted his beautiful sleep.

“Hello Jed, I have been trying to reach you since the last half an hour but it’s been futile, hope everything is fine?

“Hey, how are you?’” he managed to ask amidst sleep.

“I’m fine baby, I miss you, that’s all.

“I can’t begin to imagine what next week is going to look like. I really can’t believe I’m going to meet you after what seems like forever, I love you.

“Yeah, I slept in the thoughts of you darling, I can’t wait to see your beautiful face and tell you how much I love and adore you. You complete me and give me a different kind of feeling that I’ve never felt with anyone else

“Thank you for coming into my life Jae, I love you so much.

“Thank you too for accepting me wholeheartedly Jed, I love you too.

“Sleep well baby, keep being my angel”

“Night well honey, bye.”

The Lad drifted back to dreamland with smiles on his face as soon as the call dropped.


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