Trending!!! Micro/Bead Bags, Back In Your School Days

Trending!!! Micro/Bead Bags, Back To Your School Days
Trending!!! Micro/Bead Bags, Back To Your School Days/Photo Credit: marie claire

There are some trending fashions that will always take your memory back to then days. Talking about the micro trend bag and the popular bead bag, each time you see it, will keep on reminding you back days in school.

The beaded bag is just an example of that childhood days, when it was like, if you don’t have it, you don’t belong and you will be seen as the non fashionable type that doesn’t know what’s trending, it was a must-have of every ‘It-girl’
Though apparently, it’s not the most practical bag, and it is a bit silly, but it sure as hell is cute and pretty and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Pandora Sykes was one of the first to adopt the trend (of course), with the now-cult Antonia bag by British brand Shrimps, followed by the likes of Parisian blogger Leia, Camille Charriere and Lorna Luxe. The cream pearl bag also comes in pastel hues of yellow and mint, all of which keep selling out.

pandorasykesPearly queen
pandorasykesPearly queen/Photo Credit: Instagram

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Fashion is something you can said not to have expiring date, it revolves. Meaning that what’s trending could be what has previously trended. This is because, at some point, there’s designers will run out of style and they can not help the situation than  to re-visit the old fashion.

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