TRENDING: Okon Lagos States His View on Women Proposing to Men

TRENDING: OkonLagos States His View on Women Proposing to
Nigerian comic actor Okon lagos/ Photo credit: YouTube

Nigeria’s comic movie actor Okon Lagos shares his view on the trending act of women proposing marriage to men in public. According to the Akwa-ibom State comedian, when he saw it first happen in a mall in Lagos he was shocked but didn’t draw conclusion until he saw another one on the internet, then he concluded that gender equality has come to stay in Africa.

Our Nigerian brother and actor, OkonLagos may not have known that whatever men can do women can do also. But, is a woman proposing to a man truly right? I would have suggested that a woman initiate relationship; -lead the man’s interest and finally allow him do the actual proposal.

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This was exactly how Okonlagos expressed his astonishment on Instagram

‘’I looked up in the internet footage where a woman proposed to a man in a mall in Lagos and I was like #wosappen !!! I didn’t see a thing like that before…at least not in Africa. I moved on. Yesterday I saw another woman to man proposal on the internet. It was then I knew that truly gender equality has come to stay but wait o no vex, are u a product of the union of that kind of proposal? It’s very unique and interesting’’

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Before I leave, I like to draw attention to a point that could help our civilized youths that have decided to break out of the cage by proposing to a man, when the man seems to be delaying with the proposal. In the case of a man proposing marriage to a woman, he proposes and follows up the proposal with performing the marriage right. Now that women have decided to be as strong as men, will they equally follow up their marriage proposal to men with the action of paying groom price and other rights?

Let’s get audience reactions as to whether women should go ahead and propose to men. If yes, who then perform the marriage rights?

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