British Gov’t Assures Gender Equality In Nigeria Politics

British Gov't Assures Gender Equality in Nigeria Politics
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British Government has developed interest in making sure that women are fully involved in political activities in Nigeria to enhance gender equality in the country.

British Representative on Gender Equality, Joanna Roper, has stated that the British Government would help in the area of implementation of national action plan for gender equality.

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Joanna disclosed this in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). She noted the possible way to achieve a balance in Politics and other sectors in the society.

According to her; “Nigeria and UK will work together on gender equality and others.

Twelve states in Nigeria have had their national plan on gender equality and this shows that UK and Nigeria can work together on it.

This could be easily done through the national plan at the state level, and a lot of efforts had been made in this regard.

I think the conversation has started over it because that is where we could make an impact. We will also help women to be part of mediation in conflict resolution. When women are involved in peace negotiation there is a 35% more likely to last 50 years or more.

I think everybody recognizes the importance of women in negotiation.”

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The British Government had practically showed the vital role of gender equality in the society, which other countries should emulate. Regarding Nigeria, women are not fully involved, considered the statistics of positions they occupy in the Government, from local to Federal level; Perhaps they feel intimidated by the brutal-nature of politics in the country.

The incumbent British Prime Minister, Theresa May is a woman and a perfect example of what the British Government is promoting.



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