Understanding The Difference Between Traditional and White Wedding

Traditional and white wedding

In this first part of a new series, the writer is focused on writing in clear terms, without any form of ambiguity the difference between traditional and white wedding.
Understanding the difference between traditional marriage and white weeding is still a mirage to most Africans.

Most young men of marriageable age are still single for reason that they desire to first have a renowned traditional marriage and then fix a classic white wedding, which in most cases would demand for an outrageous sum.In the case of ladies, some has it as a set standard; that any man, who’s not ready to do a big or even moderate traditional marriage and then fixes a state of the art kind of white wedding, is not an option for consideration.

But what is the difference between the traditional and white wedding?
White wedding Is the western form of celebrating the coming together of both man and woman in union it is the western traditional method of celebrating marriage. Aside the celebration that take place during the wedding, there is no other celebration attached that marks legality.
What we call traditional marriage is the African method of celebrating marriage.
This is done after understanding and agreement have been reached between the families of both parties intending to marry.
So the traditional marriage is the African actual celebration of a man and a woman coming together in union.
So, celebrating both the western form of celebrating marriage and the African form of
celebrating marriage is double celebration, which is absolutely not necessary.

In this series, we would be considering:
Why Africans celebrate both Western and African method?
The resultant outcome of celebrating both Western and African marriage
The risk in observing both form of marriage celebration
What should be our resolution after understanding the difference in both marriage celebrations?

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