How Vaseline Can Make Your Eye Shadow Look More Pigmented

Vaseline as eye shadow primer/Photo Credit: quora
Vaseline is widely acceptable for its different vital uses. It has now found its place in the beauty industry where it is used as one of those household beauty staples that people swear by, like coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. For instance; do you ran out of brow gel? Use Vaseline or Cystic acne? Just put Vaseline on it.

One purpose for petroleum jelly is that it used as eye shadow primer, someone on Instagram brought this new use. The aspiring makeup artist credits Vaseline for making her colorful eye shadows look more pigmented. Sincerely speaking, it is so simple and genius, as it acts in the same way concealer or cream shadow does to help eye shadow look more vivacious. It also holds the shadow more, making it look radiant.

How Vaseline is Applied to the Eye Shadow;

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All you have to do is rub a little bit onto your lids before proceeding with your usual eye shadow techniques.

I have seen some person’s tried this hack and the excitement is that, it really does the trick; The key is to use less Vaseline than you think you need. (Glossier’s Balm Dotcom and the Lanolips 101 Ointment also work in a pinch.) Then, smear on the thinnest layer you possibly can. As you apply much Vaseline, you end up with more of a colored-gloss look which is better.

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The picture below is how Vaseline is being used as primer on the left lid, and no primer of any sort on the right. You can see how much more metallic the shimmery shadow on the center of the left lid looks and the bronze looks a lot richer.

Vaseline as eye shadow primer/Photo Credit: InyMiny

@flicke.r said; if the shadow already has intense color pay off, the Vaseline hack will make it hard to blend. Instead, stick with using Vaseline as a primer with eye shadow palettes that possess less-than-stellar pigmentation. Petroleum jelly will definitely breathe new life into those chalky shadows that disappear the second you sweep them onto your lids. Palettes aren’t cheap these days, but Vaseline is. (You can get it at the drugstore or supermarket.) Even if you don’t have it on hand, a quick purchase can make all the difference for your eye makeup. Trust, you will be glad you have it as one of your household beauty staples.


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