Wedding Bells: Guide To Choosing A Wedding Date And…

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Wedding day is one of the most romantic days in the history of humans. It is a day set apart to solemnize in (holy) matrimony, a union between two (2) love birds who have decided to become “one flesh” against odds caused by human imperfection. They’ve spotted “flaws” in each other; flaws great and small but have decided to work it out “together”. It takes not just two but “two like-minds” to tango.
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Now, everything having been said and done, the day is finally here to tell everyone he/she is your better half; endeavor to make it worthwhile. How?

Begin by choosing your day right. Days that are very important to you might be your best choice.

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For those who enjoys being sentimental, the day you met your partner, the day you went on your first date, the day you had your first kiss etc. are all good options to choose your wedding day. It links your memorable events with each other and makes them easier for future anniversaries.

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On the other hand, every year is made up of its own list of calendar days that fall into place with some fun number patterns, or days where the numbers repeat (i.e. 1/8/18, 2/2/18, 3/3/18, 5/5/18, 7/7/18, 8/8/18/) the list goes on and on. Those are not only fun to say and write out on wedding invites, but are also great for anyone who likes it when the numbers in calendar dates repeat.

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Keeping in mind a day set out for different Religious rituals for the “would be” bride and groom is also very important. For example; Some Christians set aside Sundays to attend to religious concerns, while others prefer doing that on Saturdays depending on the denomination they are attached to. Outside the scope of Christianity, strive to be considerate of those who practice other forms of Religion; be firm and at the same time, respect their views. Here is another example; In Judaism, because the Jewish calendar is lunar, some people consider it lucky to get married on the day of a new moon.

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Finally, avoid days that are already dedicated to your family, friends and colleagues on another important event. If you have two different important celebrations fixed on the same day, your chance of getting what you desire might be limited. Watch it!

Have you done all of these?

Then, congratulations!

Have a splendid wedding ceremony!!

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