What David Beckham Wrote To His Little Daughter On Her Birthday

What David Beckham Wrote To His Little Daughter On Her Birthday - Surge Zirc
David Beckham and his daughter on her seventh birthday/Photo credit: Instagram

Most kids are not fortunate enough to get birthday messages from dad and mom, mostly when they’re careers of a heavy and tight must to do list.

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David Beckham has time enough to shower his little daughter with a wonderful birthday message. The former football star and a state of the art model David told Instagram how much he loves his daughter and she makes him feel every single day they spent together.

It’s her seventh birthday and David wrote:

David Beckham – What can I say about my little princess other than she is perfect in every possible way …. Harper Seven has turned 7…. Happy birthday to my big girl … This little one is so loved by her brothers , mummy and daddy… Special special little girl ♥️ makes me smile every single day.

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We’re sure the little Harper is having a blessed day already on her day, mostly with an endless assurance of dad’s and mum’s love. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Happy birthday pretty…

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