What It Really Means To Be “The Woman Behind A Successful Man.”

What It Really Means To Be "The Woman Behind A Successful Man."
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What could possibly be the underlying meaning of the popular  saying: “Beside every successful man, there is a woman.” 

Well, for me, the meaning is vise versa because I believe that when a responsible man takes his position strongly beside a responsible woman, she too becomes successful.

Let’s discuss the above subject as it affects women.

Women are said to have powerful influence on men but most times, their influence is mentioned on a negative note.

That’s sad! From the origin, women are meant to serve as complements to men. Following this beautiful arrangement by their creator, women are positioned to support as well as provide their men with a shoulder to lean on.

But the question is: How then can a woman be a source of support as well as a shoulder to her man void of negativity?

Consider these practical steps:

  • Moral support: A woman whose aim is to help her man succeed is required to provide practical moral support targeted at positivity.

For instance, a man whose job is strenuous and demanding might not have all the time to take all calls from his woman (especially during work hours), hang out with her at a relaxation park, take her out for shopping, compile text messages as sweet and regularly as she desires, flaunts her to friends and family etc.

In as much as he does not neglect his duty/role in her life as her man, that is, he provides her with everything in his power to make her comfortable, she on the other hand need to show some measure of understanding by not always resorting to nagging him, focusing on his flaws.

Do your bit too the little you can to ensure he is comfortable. He might not be feeding well, owing to the fact that he does not have enough time to prepare himself a good meal hence, has taken to eating junks and meals from unknown sources.

Ask yourself: what is my reaction towards his feeding habit? Find out if his diet/meals is a product of what is desired or what is available.

What happens to his clothes in case he cannot access laundry?

Nevertheless, there must be things you know (certain behaviors) that does not go well with him; do you (his woman) find pleasure doing them, especially at the only time he has set aside to rest?

Responsible women whose hobby is to make sure their men succeeds does everything within their power to balance his physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual well being.

  • Emotional/Psychological Support: As a woman in a man’s life, expressing your opinion respectively and suggesting practical ways forward is another form of support which must be done following a careful study of his personality.

Note: whatever gives him cause for concern is worth handling with care.

While suggesting ways forward, present them as mere opinions and leave a room for deliberation and not as final. By so doing, you will avoid keying into his queues of worries instead of lines of solution.

Don’t forget, a woman whose goal is complementing their men as well as ensuring his success strives not to focus on their men’s flaws: they are not quick to quitting their relationship but does everything possible to make it work out successfully.

For you as a woman to be able to change the history of an unsuccessful man to become successful, your influence on him must be to make him a better person.


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