What You Need To Know About The New Flight Skyrider 2.0

 The New Flight Skyrider 2.0
What You Need To Know About The New Flight Skyrider 2.0/Photo Credit: EXPRESS
Avionteriors, an Italian manufacturing firm has designed and as well made public a new flight called the Skyrider 2.0, this was revealed at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 in Hamburg.

This means that the passengers are expected to stand all through the flight period.The purpose for the new flight design is to allow additional space for passengers with up to 20 per cent more allowed on-board.

The question now is what will be the passengers’ reaction? Will they be happy to pay less standing for an entire flight?

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Apart from the seats having back support and armrests, the only difference from the usual flight seats is seats lacking cushion. Instead it was alternated with a saddle style seat is offered for passengers to rest upon, but not fully sitting down.

Though the new design was first unveiled in 2011 with the new updates weighing 50 per cent less than usual plane seats. But the lapses it has was lack of in-flight entertainment systems or tray tables, therefore will mostly work for short-haul flights.The flight is yet to pass safety tests as it concerned with the  possibility of evacuation during emergency

Other airlines are yet to show interest or plans of such idea, though it is a sort of adventure for the aviation industry.Notwithstanding having less than 23 inches between the row, there’s still a “strong interest” in the seats. However, low-cost airlines may one day use them in a bid to reduce ticket prices.

The likes of Ryanair Airline know the importance of savings methods such as removing the seat back pockets even as British Airways removed free meals on short-haul flights.

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In 2014, Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary propose the need for stand up seats and also, could be on board with these new designs.

What You Need To Know About Aircraft

Where are the cheapest seats on a plane?

The cheapest seats on a plane are often found at the back or the middle of the plane. This is because; the seats that are at the front, near an exit or have extra legroom are normally the priciest.

Now the second question is, where are the safest seats on a plane? There are arguments on this, they said that first class is safest as they are often closest to the exit and allow a quicker evacuation.

However it was disproved by the retired pilot Chesley Sullenberger III who landed the plane in the Hudson.

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He said; Instead, Harro Ranter chief executive of the Aviation Safety Network said it was actually the back of the plane: “I cannot think of anything that would make sitting upfront safer, in an actual accident, best chances of survival are usually in the rear.”


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