‘Who Did This Rubbish?’ Omotola Hunts Unknown Graphic Creator

'Who Did This Rubbish?' Omotola Hunts Unknown Graphic Creator - Surge Zirc
A graphic image of Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade, as created by an unknown creator/Photo credit: Omotola

An unknown graphic creator has created a picture of Nigerian top actress, model and celebrity, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde. The graphic image created by the creator stretched the butt of the celebrity, thereby giving her an over sized load. Lol!

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Whoever it is that made the graphic work could be said to have made caricature of the highly placed celebrity and one of Africa’s most powerful women.

Omotola re-posted the doubled image on Instagram, with a few words..

Realomosexy – ”I mean , Who did this? What’s wrong with you people?”

Currently, Omotola represents everything important and influential following her recent invitation to join the OSCARS. This was after she’d been list among the few most powerful women in Africa. Now, Omosexy as she is fondly called is listed as a nominee to take home ‘Africa Movie Viewers Choice Award.

After the picture was posted by Omotola, it got most followers laughing, but we found a few comments reasonable enough and decided to share…

Rabyphazez”Ma you are one of the amazing beautiful actress in whole african you are call real Omosexy. This is the one of the accolade that come with this Status of yours ! You are unique and more than talented expect more but we all know you are too real and stronger than all this funny images. Respect to you one of African Queen.”

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Nancyijaopo – ”Whoever did this is Anty women . So what if that’s how she looks but making caricature of one of our pride is unacceptable. My take.”

Notyour_regulargirl ”I tot she was gonna escape this memes saga and shit… I tot wrong, they final turned to her direction.”

Following the comments, it’s very clear that stuffs like this cannot be abolish from the internet, so we advice a peaceful approach throughout. Surge Zirc Gossiper say so!


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