Why You Should Discuss That Sex Related Issue With Your Partner

  1. Why You Should Discuss That Sex Related Issue With Your Partner
    Why You Should Discuss That Sex Related Issue With Your Partner/Photo Credit:glamour
Most women are not enjoying their sex life because the type of man they are married are not capable of satisfying them.. This often times cause breakups in most marriages.

The issue is that, instead of them to join hands with their wives to find solution, they rather encourage them to have sex with other men, too bad! They will encourage their wives to do anything  that will make them happy, as long as they will still come back home, this is strange! They might be feeling for their wives that their sex lives is dwindling and possibly need a boost.

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This is an unhealthy solution because that marriage will be heading to the rocks, instead, have appropriate conversation about it. You being the wife is at the receiving end and it is affecting you the most therefore, communicate your concern about this to him in a gentle and reassuring manner.

Some of the things and ways to discuss them are:

Question him with style: Use a nonthreatening questioning style such as “Please would you help me to understand your desire to open our relationship?” and “What would make our own lovemaking more exciting for you?”

Tell him how emotionally destabilize you are: Let him know that the solution cannot be for a stranger to do his job. If not he will be see himself giving out his wife free of charge to another man.

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Let him know how it can affect your romantic feeling for him: Once another man starts doing that which he’s supposed to do, it will be difficult to reclaim the feelings of attraction – erotic charge possibly sparked by a rival’s challenge. [the man other than him].


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