Williams Uchemba’s Message To All Struggling Nigerians

Williams Uchemba's Message To All Struggling Nigerians
Williams Uchemba/ photo credit: Instagram photos

Nollywood kid actor Williams Uchemba has penned down a motivational message to anyone who needs drive to speed journey to a glorious future.

Williams Uchemba was very popular on Nigerian screens for his constant appearance in Nollywood movies.

Now based in Los Angeles, United States of America, Williams Uchemba is making a special mark with a consistent release of his personal skits which he releases on Instagram and YouTube.

When he first released some of his skits, they attracted little views, he continued making more and more.  Right now his skits attracts 350,000 views and above- power of consistency and never call-it-a-quit.

Being motivated by his current result Williams  pens down a motivational message that is significant enough to fuel a transformation. Just read on:

WilliamsUchemba:  “Your future is not in the next 10 or 20 years, your future starts the very moment you start chasing your dreams.

“It’s not an event that you fold your hands and wait for it to happen at some point in your life.

“Your future or destiny is a journey you have to make happen, it is that everyday step you take that might not look big to you.

“The future/destiny you want to see is in the everyday work you put in… You can’t just do one song (no matter how good it is) and expect to be called the world best, Michael Jackson didn’t become the king of pop after one track.

“Consistency, hardwork and grace in that thing you are gifted with is what gets you there…

“There are two kinds of future; the one you make happen or the one that happens to you, and trust me life will never give you what you want. Life will only give you what you are determined to take out of it…”

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