Wimbledon’s Seeding Boost: Serena Williams Goes Emotional – To Be At Grand Slam With Her Husband And Daughter For The First Time.



Wimbledon’s Seeding Boost: Serena Williams Goes Emotional – To Be At Grand Slam With Her Husband And Daughter For The First Time. surge.ng
Serena Williams and Wimbledon 2018: photo credit/bbc
Serena Williams expresses a heartfelt appreciation to Wimbledon Chiefs for enabling her conquer the Tennis world through their controversial seeding prior to the grass-court Grand Slam.

The “Seeding” which has been a trending course following the probable return to action of Wimbledon Championship for the Seventh time after the birth of her daughter Alexis Olympia.

Nevertheless, she played her first Gram Slam at the French open last month in which she lingered to the fourth round until a shoulder injury made her quit the competition before meeting Maria Sharapova, her anticipated opponent.

Williams is ranked 181 after her maternity leave and French Open chiefs decided against seeding her.

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Wimbledon officials did the seeding based on the assumption that the former world best’s record on grass was far better than that of her rivals that they seeded her 25th to ensure a predictable outcome.

The Slovakian world’s no 32 – Dominika Cibulkova -was discomforted by the decision and has complained bitterly since it had lead to her being bumped from the seeding group.

However, other female stars were reported to be unhappy and discomforted with Serena’s seeding, while few others, including – two-time Wimbledon winner Petra Kvitova – insist they are comfortable with the seeding.

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As for Serena, she wasn’t certain of her being seeded for Wimbledon which kicks off on Monday, but she admitted she could have no complaints afterwards.

Wimbledon’s Seeding Boost: Serena Williams Goes Emotional – To Be At Grand Slam With Her Husband And Daughter For The First Time. surge.ng
Serena and 2018 Wimbledon: photo credit/bbc

She said:

“I think I would be very ungrateful if I sat here and said it was too low, to be honest. So not at all,” Williams told a press conference at Wimbledon on Sunday.

“I don’t at all feel that way. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised. I came in here expecting that maybe I wouldn’t get a seed.

“I do know Wimbledon tends to kind of beat to their own drum. That’s kind of one thing that’s been able to set them apart.

“It was a little bit in the back of my mind, that I would have a chance, but I didn’t put that on it.

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“You know, I’m here to do the best that I can do. I thought it was very, very noble and honest and cool.”

After 20 years since she made her debut, Serenas’ return to Wimbledon carries extra significance, reaching the third round as a raw teenager.

She admitted it was emotional to be at a Grand Slam with her husband and daughter for the first time.

“Was it 20 years ago? Wow, 20 years ago I can’t say I thought I’ll be here 20 years later,” she said.

“I can’t say I remember my first match. I’m definitely going to try to YouTube that!

“It’s crazy. It’s just such great memories that I have here, which is why I wanted to bring Olympia here. It was just something special.”

Williams had a heart-warming moment on Centre Court earlier in the week when she took Alexis Olympia onto the turf where she has enjoyed some of the finest moments of her career.

Serena has appeared in nine Wimbledon singles finals and, together with sister Venus, transformed the profile of women’s tennis with their inspirational rise from the mean streets of south-central Los Angeles.

“I did take her to Centre Court early on this week when I was here. I don’t know. I got a little emotional when I was telling her a story about a girl who had a big dream,” she said.

“I started getting choked up. I never felt that before, you know.

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“Just taking all that moment and having the opportunity to share it with my daughter and my future.

“It was more than I expected. I didn’t expect to suddenly get emotional. So that was really, really nice. We’ll always have that memory.

“We’ll always have that footage of her. I’ve been to the other Grand Slam, but I never actually brought her on-site. This was the first one.

“It was really special for me. I wanted it to be special for her too.”

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