Woman Land in Court after beating Husband for Attending a Different Church


A Zimbabwean woman has reportedly been arraigned before a Magistrate Court for allegedly beating up her husband.

The 43-year-old Susan Mudzengi, who decided to turn her husband, Paul Ndlovu, into a punching bag on 20 May after he returned home having attended the African Apostolic Church, will be facing a charge of domestic violence and public indecency.

According to report, Ndlovu returned home from church and Mudzengi started shouting at him for attending the Apostolic church.

Ndlovu was served with supper by his daughter and when he finished eating, Mudzengi grabbed him by the neck and pushed him to the floor before she sat on him and assaulted him several times with fists. The accused also destroyed Ndlovu’s Bible, anointing oil and Mwazha’s (his pastor’s) picture. The complainant managed to escape and reported the matter to the police, leading to Mudzengi’s arrest.

Mudzengi was arrested, but on arrival at the police station, she became violent on learning she would be detained. She removed all her clothes in full view of male police officers and other people at the station. She then threw the clothes away. Female police officers later grouped around her and forced her to wear her clothes before she was escorted into the cell.

She was however, charged on 22 June, and will continue with the trial tomorrow.


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