Wow! Legendary Actress Omotola Jalade Grants Actress Kadiri’s Request To Meet Over Dinner

Wow! Legendary Actress Omotola Jalade Grants Actress Kadiri's Request To Meet Over Dinner- Surge Zirc
Omotola Jalade and Ruth Kadiri / Photo credit: Instagram

Nollywood actress ‘Ruth Kadiri’ recently took to Instagram to share a genuine appreciation towards Nigerian A-list Nollywood actress and model personality, Omotola Jalade for being a source of inspiration to her. See exactly what Ruth Kadiri said:

”I love you💋I just wanted to thank you immensely for being an inspiration and a model worthy of emulation. You have absolutely no idea of how much you have affected my life positively. I am a strong admirer of you in totality. It will be an honor to finally meet with you.”

Wow!!! What a sincere appreciation and demonstration of humility from Ruth Kadiri to a fellow celebrity and colleaque! I’m personally loving this post like ‘wow’.

But how far did this post go? I wondered at first! Has any impact been made? I kept wondering until i stumbled on Omotala’s response and I was most humbled. Let see how Omosexy reacted.

”realomosexy, Oh dear, Thanks beautiful. We’ve never met? Let’s have dinner on me” Aww!!!

That was from Omotola the ‘real Omosexy’. She would do same to anyone else with such a humble request as she’s truly a humble personality.

”Let’s have dinner on me!” Omotola is footing the entire bill for this meeting and she seems absolutely worry free doing so.

Ruth Kadiri, congrats for meeting your role model over a dinner soon and make sure to bring us updates after the meeting…LOL!

@realomosexy thanks for your humility… Surge Zirc gossiper say so!

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